Brushless and Ring Less Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Brushless and Ring Less Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Solution Description:
Asynchronous Motor, also recognized as induction motor, is an AC motor that generates electromagnetic torque by the conversation of air hole rotating magnetic subject and induction existing of rotor winding, therefore realizing the conversion of mechanical and electrical strength into mechanical strength.

A few-phase Asynchronous motor is primarily used as motor to push various generation machinery, this sort of as fan, pump, compressor, machine resource, gentle industry and mining equipment, thresher and crusher in agricultural creation, processing equipment in agricultural by-goods and so on. The utility design has the advantages of simple construction, effortless manufacture, minimal expense, reputable procedure, toughness, high operation performance and relevant functioning attributes.

Solution Name Brushless and ring considerably less 3-stage asynchronous motor
Motor Kind DC Motor,AC Motor,Stepper Motor,Asynchronous Motor ,Synchronous Motor
(CZPT equipment)
Quality Y, YKS, YKK
Seat amount H355-H1120
electrical power 220~18000Kw
sequence 2-24
Voltage 690~15000V
frequency 50HZ, 60HZ
Defense quality IP23,IP44,IP54,IP55
Cooling IC01,IC611,IC616,IC81W, IC86W
Rotational Pace

Lower Velocity/Consistent Velocity/Large Pace/Adjust Velocity

Stator Stage Number

A few-Stage/Solitary-Section

Grade Type

Y,Y2 Series Three-Phase,YS Collection A few-Period,Explosion-Proof 3-Period,YVP Sequence Frequency

Attribute one.Tiny lightweight.
2.It is simple to accomplish high velocity rotation of much more than ten 000r/min.
three.High velocity and reduced torque, substantial effectiveness.
4.Minimal velocity has large torque and extensive speed management variety.
five.Higher trustworthiness (sturdy).
6.The manufacturing price is minimal.
seven.Simplification of control devices.
Software Asynchronous Motor is mostly utilized as motor. Its electrical power range is from a number of kilowatts to tens of hundreds of kilowatts. It is the most extensively used motor in various industries of nationwide financial system and people’s every day daily life. It provides energy for a range of mechanical gear and home appliances. For example, device instruments, tiny and medium-sized steel rolling equipment, supporters, pumps, light-weight industrial machinery, metallurgical and mining machinery are mostly driven by three-phase asynchronous motors, while single-period asynchronous motors are broadly employed in family appliances this kind of as supporters, washing devices, fridges and air conditioners. Asynchronous motors can also be used as turbines for wind energy vegetation and little hydropower stations.


Brushless and Ring Less Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor