China OEM injection Plastic Parts customization with Good quality

 ABS/PP/Nylon/PC/POM/PU/TPU/PC+ABS/PE/PA6 Customized Molding Injection Plastic Spare Parts

Product Description

1. High quality material, Strictly select raw materials for processing and production quality, just to let you buy with confidence and use with confidence 2. Fine size We strictly follow the requirements of the drawings to make molds to ensure the fineness of the products. 3. Various specifications Our company has a large number of molds, special requirements and specifications can be deeply customized according to needs 4. Factory direct hair We are a real manufacturer, no middlemen make the difference and directly face customers

Product material: it can be customized according to demand
Product size: it can be customized according to demand
Product color: can be customized according to demand
Product features: high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and pressure resistance
Application: applicable to chemical industry, machinery, electric power, manufacturing, food, media and mining industries

The following materials can be selected

Company Information

Ever-power was established in 2021, a professional and technical enterprise specializing in product design, 3D printing, hand model, precision parts, sheet metal customization, and rapid mold. The company has successively established 6 project workshops including product design center, 3D printing center, hand model production center, precision parts rapid processing factory, sheet metal rapid processing factory, and rapid mold production center. The existing number of employees is more than 100, the cumulative number of processing equipment is more than 150, the testing equipment is more than 20, and the teachers are strong. Now it provides rapid manufacturing services for more than 1,000 R&D institutions and innovative enterprises every year, and provides rapid manufacturing services for product research and development, product small Batch trial production, special product customization and later mass production provide convenient services of “short-term, fast, streamlined and less”. The company’s main business: plastic, aluminum alloy, hardware hand model making, 3D printing, complex mold making, mold making, injection molding, etc.; all kinds of intelligent robots, home appliances, toys, automobiles, sports equipment, medical equipment, industry, fire protection, Metal and non-metal fabrication and mass production of finance, digital, etc.