Food Grade Packaged Water Chiller

Food Grade Packaged Water Chiller

Foodstuff Quality Packaged H2o Chiller

Panels and base body are made from galvanized metal protected with polyester powder painting to make certain total resistance to atmospheric agents

Hermetic scroll variety compressor, geared up with the crankcase heater and thermal security with thermal overload lower-out and crankcase heater mounted on rubber vibration isolators

Axial supporter
Exterior rotor type axial supporters, equipped with solitary phase direct generate motors, reduced noise six poles, protection level IP54, offered with a protecting outlet grille

Higher effectiveness and minimal force drop stainless metal (AISI 316) h2o exchangers, with anti-freeze heating element (option) and differential force switch, manufacturing facility insulated with versatile near mobile materials

Coils are consisting of seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into blue hydrophilic aluminum fins,a hundred% totally top quality examined sub cooling circuit to stop freezing at the base (optional) secured with steel grill

Substantial effectiveness stainless metal brazed plate warmth exchanger, factory insulated with flexible shut cell content(optional)
Refrigerant circuit
Copper tube connection with cost valve, filter, sight glass, gasoline-liquid separator, thermostatic enlargement valve, low strain switch with computerized reset, high strain switch with guide reset . The warmth pump device is accomplished also with 4-way valve, liquid receiver and 1 way valve
Drinking water circuit
Created with air vent valve, h2o drain relationship, and female-threaded hydraulic connectors
Drinking water pump (8kW-30kW), differential pressure swap
Growth tank (8kW-30kW)
CZPT panel
Consists of:
Compressor contactor
Compressor safety breaker
Fan motor safety breaker
Handle circuit protection breaker
Period sequence relay (only for 3-period)
Programmable microprocessor controller
Added electrical heater embedded in the coils for defrosting in lower temperature ambient. It have to be factory installed
Stainless metal covering
Remote condenser
 Tube in tube warmth exchanger
H2o circuit electric powered heater

CZPT Information

Model   Device twenty 25 thirty 35 40 fifty
Cooling *  
Cooling capacity kW 21.5 24.8 30 35.6 41 fifty.six
Cooling input (CZPT water pump) kW eight.two nine.03 nine.39 thirteen.two fifteen.02 eighteen.8
EER / two.sixty two two.seventy five 3.19 two.seventy three 2.sixty nine
Heating **  
Heating capacity kW 26.three 29 34 forty one.eight 47.2 sixty
Heating input (CZPT water pump) kW nine.23 9.43 14.3 15.fifty seven twenty.45
COP / 3.02 three.14 three.61 2.92 three.03 two.ninety three
Hermetic compressor  
Sort /  
Amount/ circuit / 2/two 2/2 two/two two/two two/2 2/two
Kind /  
Water flow m3/h three.7 4.3 five.2 6.1 7.1
Water side pressure drop kPa 38 39 forty two fifty fifty two fifty two
Water connection size mm DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40
Circulating pump  
Power input kW .seventy five .seventy five .92 ——— ——— ———–
Axial fans  
Amount Nr. 1 one one 2 two two
Airflow m3/h 9000 9000 12580 17000 17000 22000
Overal dimension  
Duration mm 1600 1600 1600 2000 2000 2000
Width mm 900 900 900 900 900 900
Peak mm 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080
Noise level *** dB(A) sixty six 66 sixty eight 70 70 70
Net weight kg 270 290 310 360 380 465

* Ambient temperature 35ºC person side h2o in/out twelve/7ºC.
** Ambient temperature 7ºC person side drinking water in/out 40/45ºC.
*** Sound stress measured at a length of 1 m and a height of one.five m earlier mentioned the ground in an excellent subject (supporter facet).

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Food Grade Packaged Water Chiller