Le1-Dn Series Magnetic Starts, Electromagnetic

Le1-Dn Series Magnetic Starts, Electromagnetic

LE1-D old kind

LE1-D magnetic starter is mainly applied to circuit of AC fifty or 60Hz, voltage up to 550V for far length producing and breaking circuit and frequently starting up and managing motor. It has the functions of modest volume, gentle weight, safe and reliable efficiency and so forth.

CZPT Description:

LE1-D sequence magnetic motor starter are appropriate for 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage up to 660V, recent up to 95A circuit. In purchase to shield motor starting up, accelerating the motor to rated rev, in opposition to overload procedure and artificially breaking the circuit of secured motor.

Structure Attribute:

one. Sealed: CZPT box LE1-D09~D32 and iron box platstic coated LE1-D40~D95, protection up to IP65

2. Operation system with manual “Commence” and “Stop” buttons. With thermal overload relay consisting a inversable starter

3. Set up diverse add-ons derive numerous types of other goods

4. Select LC1-D contactor with common 35mm rail, which can be fastened immediately at the base of starter. Wires extracted from the 3 section of the thermal overload relay can be inserted the a few phase main contacts of the contactor, straightforward assembly and link.

CZPTter product Rated current Controlled motor greatest power Matched Thermal relay
220V~230V 380V~400V 415V 440V 500V 660V~690V
LE1-D09 9 two.2 four four 4 five.5 five.5 LR2D1312
LE1-D12 twelve three five.five 5.5 five.five seven.5 7.five LR2D1316
LE1-D18 18 4 seven.5 9 9 ten 10 LR2D1321
LE1-D25 25 5.five 11 11 11 fifteen 15 LR2D1322
LE1-D32 32 seven.five fifteen 15 fifteen eighteen.five 18.5 LR2D2355
LE1-D40 forty eleven 18.five 22 22 22 22 LR2D3353
LE1-D50 50 fifteen 22 thirty thirty thirty 30 LR2D3357
LE1-D65 sixty five 18.five 30 37 37 37 37 LR2D3361
LE1-D80 eighty 22 37 forty five 45 fifty five 45 LR2D3363
LE1-D95 ninety five 25 45 45 forty five fifty five forty five LR2D3365

Le1-Dn Series Magnetic Starts, Electromagnetic