Scroll Chiller Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller for Animals Drinking

Scroll Chiller Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller for Animals Drinking

Scroll Chiller Air Cooled CZPT Drinking water Chiller For Animals Drinking

1. CZPTstars air cooled water chiller primary factors
(1)Fluid circuit
*CZPT insulated stainless metal tank (unpressurized)
*Optional pressurized tank
*Tank contains fill port, drain valve, amount gauge, and level sensor
*Insulated, non-ferrous centrifugal pump and fluid circuit
*Fluid bypass shields pump from damage if chiller inlet and outlet are shut
*Fluid swap guards against lower-flow problem
*Potential to use glycol mixtures up to 50%
(two)Refrigeration circuit
*Created with higher-quality materials pursuing arduous brazing procedures and conforming to specifications
*Environmentally pleasant R407C refrigerant (R134A, R404A is optional)
*Refrigerant sight glass and filter-dryer
*Externally equalized thermostatic expansion valve
*Higher and low force switches
*Large and low strain gauges
*Large and minimal strain access fittings for routine maintenance and troubleshooting
*Optional Sizzling Gas Bypass Valve for extremely exact management of outlet fluid temperature
-Hermetic compressors (scroll, rotary, or reciprocating) picked for trustworthiness and efficiency
-Mounted on rubber isolators for sounds reduction
-Scroll compressors are especially silent and can deal with liquid return CZPT damage
-Three-stage types are protected against reverse rotation by an electronic stage keep track of
-Crankcase heater helps prevent liquid slugging on begin-up
-Copper coaxial evaporators are specially reputable when dealing with contaminated fluids
-Stainless steel, brazed plate evaporators are compact and hugely efficient
-Evaporators are secured from freezing by the microprocessor controller
-Aluminum fins around copper tube design is compact and highly efficient
-All-aluminum development eradicates the risk of galvanic corrosion 
-Epoxy-coated for corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments(optional)
-Condenser admirer motor contains inner, self-resetting thermal protector
*Made in compliance with standards using acknowledged parts
*CZPTal cabinet made of powder-coated galvanized steel
*Disconnect change with doorway lock prevents accessibility to panel when energized (optional)
-Optimizes unit functionality and maintains fluid temperature
-Controls and shows the fluid temperature
-Turns the compressor on and off whilst guarding in opposition to brief biking
-Turns the pump and condenser fan on and off
-Protected by a watertight go over
-Displays key functioning parameters and the pursuing alarm problems:
Substantial and minimal refrigerant force
Reduced fluid differential strain
Low fluid stage
Incorrect section sequence
Compressor, pump, or enthusiast motor protector tripped
Temperature probe failure
High fluid temperature
Evaporator anti-freeze
(four)Unit Building
*Cabinet frame and panels are powder-coated and suited for out of doors installation
*Panels are effortlessly removed, providing convenient entry for upkeep and fix
*All fasteners are stainless or zinc-plated steel for corrosion resistance
*Safety to IP44 regular on a few-phase versions
*For relieve of set up all versions have lifting holes in the base tiny models with casters for movable
*Made for ease of operation and servicing

two. CZPTstars air cooled industrial chiller characterisitics
(1)R22,R407c, R134a, R404a,R410A are CZPT
(2)Adopt intercontinental brand names compressors : CZPTO, COPELAND, DANFOSS, etc 
(3)Higher-quality stainless steel multi-phase centrifugal pumps and stainless metal tanks(CZPT)
(4)Higher efficiency finned tube condenser, make sure that the chiller can work appropriately
(five)Using international manufacturer CZPTal components, and popular branded microcomputer temperature controller
(6)Multiple safety products make certain steady procedure for a lot of many years
(seven)Wide variable range of frozen h2o, to meet various consumer demands
(eight)Utilizing ethylene glycol as the carrier refrigerant is more or significantly less the freezing h2o temperatures as minimal as -fifteen °C(optional)
(9)Mounted Casters for small models ,tank amount alarm/switch.

3. Air cooled industrial chiller purposes
In industries as diverse as plastics production, metals finishing, pharmaceutical and chemical processing and dry cleaning, CZPTstars has provided innovative remedies to some of the most difficult industrial procedure cooling difficulties.
From chillers that comply with rigorous meals processing industry rules to substantial-quality extrusion bathtub recirculators, CZPTstars industry remedies preserve paces with the evolving specifications of your enterprise.
Significant CZPT Served:
*CZPTs: Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion
*Chemical & Petrochemical Process Methods
*Environmental take a look at chambers
*Metal Anodizing
*Automotive: CZPTs, CZPT, Coolant
*Metallic Functioning: CZPT, Stamping, Welding, Hydroforming
*Paint Strains
*Bottling Vegetation
*All Chilled Drinking water Purposes

4. CZPTstars air cooled industrial chiller quick specialized data 
Please ask salesman for detailed complete data or visit our website:

Air Cooled Chiller Device
Merchandise NO. one 2 three four five 6 8 10 12
Rated Cooling Capability KW two.76  5.72  eight.96  11.31  fourteen.12  seventeen.24  22.62  28.24  34.48 
USRT .78  one.63  2.55  three.22  four.02  four.90  six.43  eight.03  nine.81 
×1000 kcal/h 2.37  4.92  seven.71  9.73  12.14  14.83  19.45  24.29  29.65 

Air Cooled Chiller Device
Product NO. 15 20 twenty five thirty forty fifty 60
Rated Cooling Potential KW 43.22 58.2 71.eighteen 87.3 87.78 116.four 142.36 177.ninety five 175.fifty six
USRT twelve.29  16.55  20.24  24.83  24.97  33.11  40.49  fifty.61  forty nine.93 
×1000 kcal/h 37.17  fifty.05  sixty one.21  seventy five.08  75.49  one hundred.10  122.43  153.04  150.98 

(1) Rated Cooling Capacity Based on:Evaporating temperature 7ºCCondensing temperature 50ºC,Ambient DB=35ºC.
(two)Chilled Drinking water Range: 5~25ºC

five. CZPTstars air cooled industrial chiller safety devices
(one)Motor overload protection
(2)Compressor motor overheat protection
(three)Discharge temperature overhigh safety
(four)Large&reduced stress defense
(5)Returning drinking water overheat security
(6)Minimal h2o movement/level safety
(7)Period defense
(8)Anti-freezing security

six.CZPT Chiller Installation Safeguards

Although CZPTstars provides chiller installation guidance service, if you previously have some activities in chiller operation and set up, you can pick to continue by yourself to conserve labor cost and time.
But spend attention to a few more details, the chiller will return you much better efficiency and longer support lifestyle. 
Here are the safety measures that you require to know before move forward:
(one)Assortment of installation location.
For air cooled chillers,we require an open up space with great ventilation. Make positive there is no barriers or walls within 1m close to it, or else there will be problems for air movement and heat dissipation. The position is we require to make certain the warmth out from the chiller can be taken out outside the house, alternatively of circulating in a modest room.The distance to block also guarantees place for servicing. If you are plHangCZPT to install an air cooled chiller in a place with very poor ventilation, you need to have to contemplate mounting air duct on best of the chiller close to the condenser enthusiasts, so to make certain warmth removal.

In under photo, Case1 is a chiller positioned in drafty problem, Scenario 2 is a chiller located in poor ventilation setting.

For h2o cooled chillers, we just require to reserve enough place for upkeep, as the warmth from the chiller is taken out through water to the cooling tower.
(2)Ground for locating the chiller.
 CZPT chiller should be placed on sound and degree concrete floor which is able to help the bodyweight of the chiller. The levelness of the ground should be in 6mm. Chillers vibrate when managing, if the ground is not strong nor flat, the chiller will effortlessly displace, specifically for portable chiller with casters. Tough ground will amplify the vibration of chiller, which will direct to serious problems after prolonged time running.
For a large chiller unit, say models increased than ESSA-15IDTN, we require to create concrete foundation for it. It is needed to make 50-100mm absorbing hole fill with sands or pitch all about the basis. On the basis, there need to be bolt holes for fastening the chiller base and concrete basis jointly.
Right after the over items are completed, let’s set the chiller on the basis. Then we require a stage meter to check if there is any incline. If there is, set parallels among chiller foundation and concrete foundation to adjust it.

(3)Pipe, wire and filter preparing
*In a CZPTstars chiller specification sheet, there is link dimensions and max amps for the unit. Appropriately pick the pipe and wire dimension by referring to it.
*If you are not so assured with the h2o good quality in your spot, filtration is a requirement to keep away from the chiller water circuit from trouble.Y kind filter is advised.
*Make sure you are obvious that which port you must link to. Even though there will be signal of inlet or outlet of each and every CZPTstars chiller, double examine it remember to.


7. Guidelines for CZPTstars industrial chiller regimen routine maintenance
To make confident the industrial chiller working healthily, we want to pay out consideration to two principal facets:
(1)Condenser is doing work nicely to discharge the warmth. Specially in summertime, if the condenser is coated with dust, or jammed(for h2o cooled condenser), it will easily lead to substantial pressure alarm of the chiller, which will trigger chiller shut down or even malfunction.
(two) If the h2o in the evaporator is well circulated. Normally the chilly power created by the chiller can not be taken out on time, which will trigger low strain alarm as effectively.

Underneath are some further tips which help you to maintain your chiller in well problem.
*Make certain the chiller is situated in a dry and great area with great ventilation.
*When set up, make certain the chiller is positioned on amount ground. During its working, shell out interest to any vibration you can see, and verify if it is brought on by incline.
*When shut off the chiller, flip off the compressor 1st, then the condensing followers.
*Whenever you locate the cooling performance of the chiller is reduce, clean the condenser 1st, and then check out if all the valves are doing work properly. Ideal operating force for the condenser is beneath 1.5Mpa, checking and cleansing at intervals will maintain it in healthy situation.
*For air cooled condenser, you require to make confident the air is flows effectively via it, and no filth or dust handles on the aluminum fin. For drinking water cooled condenser, far better to put a filter at its inlet, to make certain no overseas matters go into it. At the same time, clean it every 6 thirty day period.
*If the chiller is not employed for a long time, try to rotate the admirer of the h2o pump manually very first, in situation it is blocked by some fallen subject.
*To check file the operating technical specs especially working strain.
*If the chiller is not used in a lengthy interval, drain all the water in the chiller, so to avoid rusting and freezing.
*It is strongly advised to change the refrigerant oil each and every 3 years.

eight. Why decide on CZPTstars?
(one)The Proof of Quality: 
Now we have customers in different countries and places, such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Center- East, Africa…
(two)The Guarantee of Quality: Reasonable design, Professional technicians, Stable production workers, Full-scale Equipments, Strict QA & QC system…
(three)CZPT ade Design:
We supply our design drawing according to customer practical situation.
(four) Technique Support:  
We supply our wiring diagram, set up guidelines and routine maintenance handbook, make a lot more easier for installation.
(5) CZPT Trade Operation: 
We have concentrated on international trade of fan coil models for many years, accumulated various experience from different customers of different countries. So we can update our operation in time according to our customers and new rules. It is helpful to clear customs and save cost and time for our customers.

9. CZPTstars Organization Ceritifcate & CZPTer Browsing
We, CZPTS, which established in calendar year 2006, is a modern hello-tech business, specializing in Heating Air flow Air Conditioning and CZPT Refrigeration research, improvement, manufacturing, sales and engineering providers.

CZPTstars crew with far more than ten a long time expertise of HVAC tools and program in regional China and global market place, has presented experienced HVAC gear, installation and support to thirty+ nations around the globe.

10. Our manufacturing unit see
Modern new method and assemble line, including copper tube straighten device, aluminum fin punching equipment, a few dimensional copper tube bending device, tube expander machine, sheet metal laser slicing equipment, numerical control punching equipment, CNC bending equipment, chiller, supporter coil unit and AHU assemble line,. etc..

Chiller production at our previous area as beneath

10. CZPTstars air cooled industrial chiller package and supply
Our standard bundle is plastic movie with plywood case for secure shipping and delivery and easy to load/unload.

11. CZPTstars industrial chiller initiatives
We exported chillers to Ukraine, New Zealand, Guatelmala, Peru, Chile, Norway, Serbia, Romania, Greece, France, South Africa, Australia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Argentina, etc..

Scroll Chiller Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller for Animals Drinking